Amorphous Maze

Amorphous mazes

Amorphous Maze is a very unusual program that generates mazes with walls at random angles and shows the solution in curvy lines. Here is a comparison of the free and full version:

Price Free $5
Version 4.02 5.02
Executable amz402.exe amz502.exe
Show Solution Yes Yes
Print Yes Yes
Save Image Yes Yes
Customize Line Color Yes Yes
Customize Line Width Yes Yes
Image Royalty Free Yes Yes
Levels 1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Download amz402.exe for free.

Purchase amz502.exe for $5 (rectangular outline)

Purchase amz510.exe for $10 (interesting shape outline)

If you came here searching for the Karnaugh Map program (not a game), please click here.

Mathematical theory behind Amorphous Maze

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last update 10/07/2014