Amorphous Maze

Unlike the majority of the maze programs you can download from the Internet today, Amorphous Maze is not based on grids, and the walls are at arbitrary angles. You may purchase and download this innovative program with a credit card or first try out the free program. The difference is that the full version of Amorphous Maze, namely, version 3.0, (amz30.exe) has the ability to print from all levels whereas the free version of Amorphous Maze (amz10.exe) , supports printing only from level 1. The screen images and hard copies of the mazes produced by either program are royalty free. Both programs run under Windows 95/NT/2000/XP.


This program is not available for purchase at this moment.

If you came here searching for the Karnaugh Map program (not a game), please click here.

Mathematical theory behind Amorphous Maze


last update 12/24/2012