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Welcome to One Gram Software by Russell Sasamori. This site specializes in Maze, Puzzle and Electrical Engineering Software for Android and Windows. Some are free, some are sold, and some run on-line. For questions and comments, email:  my email

Maze Mutiny subscription program is currently on hold.

Javascript Apps (Playable in Browser)
Leap Maze
leap new Play Leap Maze
Juggle Puzzle
juggle Play Juggle Puzzle
Re-Tension Game
retension Play Re-Tension Game
Hifumi Puzzle
jshifumi Play Hifumi Puzzle
Android Apps
I can design a counter 3.1
I can deign a counter Teaches electrical engineering students binary counter design. Comes with Wizard, Bubble Diagram editor, Finite State Machine Simulator, State Transition Table, Boolean Expressions Generator, and Circuit Renderer.  Buy from Google Play.
Get it on Google Play
Hifumi Puzzle
20 Hops The objective of this brain teaser "Hifumi Puzzle" is to find a way to visit all 25 tiles by clicking neighboring tiles in the order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1... without getting stuck.
Get it for free from Google Play.
Get it on Google Play
Windows Games
PentaMaze Draws random mazes in the shape of pentagons.
CircularMaze Draws random mazes in concentric circles.
Amorphous Maze
Amorphous Maze Maze made of walls at arbitrary angles.
Robot University Puzzle
Robot University Puzzle Fit randomly shaped blocks into robot. Requires DirectX 9.0c or higher. 

Mystery Shape Puzzle
MysteryShape Flip, rotate, and join  odd-shaped pieces to create a familiar shape.
Recursive Karakuri Puzzle
Karakuri Treasure Chest Puzzle Slide levels in a certain order to unlock treasure chest. Requires DirectX 9.0c or higher.  

TileGuru Put numbers in order by rotating tiles in groups of four.  
Snug Puzzle Flip, rotate, and fit 5 randomly shaped pieces into a square.  
Bear Resemblance
Bear Resemblance A sliding-tile puzzle played with triangular tiles.  
12 Wanders
12 Wanders A freeware puzzle of restoring the numbers in the correct sequence. This program requires VBRUN300.DLL.  
 BridgeMaze A freeware program that draws mazes with bridges.  
HexMaze Draws random mazes in the shape of Hexagons.  
KarnaughMap 1.2
KarnaughMap A 4-variable Karnaugh Map program that displays the prime-implicant solution. Not a game.  

Browser Based Printable Mazes
Eight Way Maze
eight way maze A maze (Labyrinth) without dead ends, constructed of 90 and 45 degree walls. Travel inside the thin parallel lines. Click picture to run.
Beads Maze
beads maze This page lets you create a maze that contains a secret custom message with just your browser. Print the maze on paper and use it for any purpose for free! Click picture to run.
Hex Maze
HexMaze PHP Royalty-free hexagonal mazes you may print out from your web browser. Click picture to run.
Bridge Maze
BridgeMaze A web-based program that draws mazes with bridges. Click on left picture and refresh your browser to make a new maze. Click picture to run, then hit F5 to generate new maze.
Square Mazes
Maze with a long path


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