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Boolean Algebra assistant program for Electrical Engineering students
KarnaughMap445 is Compatible with Windows® 7, 8.1, and 10.

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KarnaughMap 445 (kmap445.exe version 4.4.5) is an educational CAD program that runs on Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows® 8. Moreover, kmap445 meets all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.1.


The primary objective is to help electrical engineering students like you save time and money by becoming a Karnaugh map expert in a manner of minutes. After installing, just click on several check boxes and see the resulting expression. Rest assured that kmap445 comes with a one-page on-line manual. However, being a person who hates reading manuals, I tried very hard to make kmap445 so intuitive that you don't need a manual 90% of the time. 


Also known as Karnaugh map solver, calculator, generator, or minimizer, this is an interactive Boolean logic simplification program. Using it is as simple as point and click. The most basic way of entering a design is to click on the Truth table. The cells of the Truth table are linked with the cells of the Karnaugh map. This means the moment you set or clear a cell in the Truth table, the corresponding cell on the Karnaugh map is set or cleared. Conversely, altering the Karnaugh map alters the Truth Table. You will also see ovals around the group of adjacent bits in the Karnaugh map and a prime implicant logical expression in the text box. 


  • Input as Truth Table, Karnaugh Map, or Text expression.
  • Output as Truth Table, Karnaugh Map, or Text expression.
  • Simplifies Truth Table, Karnaugh Map, or Text expression. 
  • Finds and eliminates redundant terms.
  • Handles don't care conditions.
  • Highlights the oval corresponding to a term that you click.
  • Draws 3, 4, or 5 variable Karnaugh Map.
  • Allows input expressions to contain multiple nested parenthesis.
  • Shows output expressions in either SOP or POS format.


kmap445.exe comes with an installer and an uninstaller (unins000.exe). Control Panel>Programs and Features can also be used for un-installation. kmap445.exe is a single executable that contains all necessary library functions. Consequently, the installer does not install any DLL's. kmap445.exe contains a digital signature for added protection against unauthorized alterations. Please look for the "Verified publisher : One Gram Software" message during installation. Finally, kmap445.exe is not copy protected, so you may make copies for yourself as long as you don't give them to other people.


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I encourage you to try out the free version kmap131.exe before you buy the full version. This version contains much fewer features compared to Kmap445.  The question I receive a lot is "kmap131 did not eliminate a redundant term. Does kmap12 contain a bug?" And the answer is "No. It does exactly what it was designed to do, which is to find the Prime Implicant solution." If you need it to go one step beyond prime implicants, please purchase kmap445 by clicking the "buy" the button shown above. 

About me

I'm not just a programmer, but also a professional Electrical engineer. I have designed numerous digital products. My preference for the minimalist notation stems from years of personal experience. 


Professor Jack Levine, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cal State Los Angeles has been using versions of kmap in his Intro to Digital Logic classes for a long time now. He has just begun using kmap 4 and says he is delighted with its new features:

"It is an excellent tool in teaching digital logic, especially in a classroom equipped with computer and projector. In addition to allowing me to enter values in a truth table--including don't-cares--and having these values automatically transferred to a K-map, I can derive an expression from the map in either SOP or POS form. This expression can then be optimized and I can highlight the terms of the simplified expression on the map one by one."

"In the newest version, kmap 4, I can also back-fill the map from a boolean expression and show students how this (1) allows the expression to be simplified if not already in simplest form, and (2) allows the truth table for the expression to be derived in turn from the map."

"Students can also use kmap 4 at home. If they use it properly--i.e. first do their homework problems by hand and then check it with kmap 4--they will gain a great deal of understanding of the value of kmaps. I really recommend this program to anyone teaching digital logic."

Professor Levine can be contacted at 323-343-4514 or at email image

Russell Sasamori of One Gram Software, who is solely responsible for the kmap program, can be contacted at

Mr. Craig Kief, Lab Director of University of New Mexico Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, has installed Kmap 4 in the EECE 238 lab computers for students to use. Mr. Kief says his students really enjoy Kmap 4 and it fits easily into the course curriculum.

Professor Luiz Antonio Vargas Pinto (ETE Rubens de Faria e Souza), a customer from Brazil who bought my program in 2000, wrote me an email in 2003 saying Kmap 4 had been very helpful in creating a student project involving the design of a highly complex elevator control system.

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Notices Please use the gray "Buy" button in the middle of this page to get the full version. Be sure to select the "save" option. If you lost your program because you forgot to select the "save" option or download failed for any reason, please ask me to email you the program. If you are not satisfied with the program, I will give you a refund. If you have any other questions or issues, please send an email to Russell Sasamori at . Thank you.

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