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PentaMaze 2 (pmz202.exe) is a Windows XP program that draws random mazes in the shape of a pentagon. You can select 9 levels of difficulties. The size automatically scales to fit the Window. You can make a printout on a letter size paper and solve it with a pencil. You can also save the image as a bitmap, make edits with Microsoft Paint, and import it into Microsoft Word. The generated images are royalty-free. Version 2 is a major improvement over version 1.12 with regards to the quality of the paths.

  Feature Comparison
  PentaMaze v 1.24 PentaMaze v 2 Competitor Product
Classification Freeware Full Full
Price Free
(download now)
$5 (New low price!)
Shape Pentagon Pentagon (goal at center) Square
Levels 3 9  
Make Hardcopy Yes Yes Yes
Save as bitmap No Yes Yes
Royalty payment Free Free Pay through nose.

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last update 03/23/20