Mystery Shape
for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/7/8

Free Download
Click here to download the trial version (1172KB) for free. Only three of the ten levels can be played.

Download Tips
Choose "Save this program." After download completes, double click on mshap411.exe to make sure that the game runs before closing your browser.  If not, reattempt the download from the last page. If this fails, ask me to email you the program.

A review of Shamrock, a predecessor of Mystery Shape

Download Shamrock:
Get  it from CNET!

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Hunter of Compass Rose for marketing advise.

Special thanks to Mr. Kent Quirk of CogniToy for game-play advise.

Thank you Bruno for drawing the comic illustration inside the program.

Karnaugh Map 

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update 03/23/2020

Brain Food!

Mystery Shape is a fun puzzle for children, which also develops the ability to rotate and flip objects inside their head.

The objective is to fit together pieces as if they belonged to a Jigsaw Puzzle. But more than a Jigsaw Puzzle, pieces are shaped differently each time, and can be one of 24 orientations between rotating and flipping. 

When all pieces fit together, they form a silhouette of an every-day object. There are ten levels altogether, with progressing level of difficulty.

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Give your children nourishment for the brain for the price of a hamburger meal!

Customer Testimonial

"I found your game on our school network. Me and a few chaps at school have been trying to complete this for ages. I surely recommend this game!" -- Martin, Age 17, Heathfield Foundation Technology College, England.